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Where are you from and what brings you to Singapore?
I’m from Toronto, Canada. My partner and I are on a six-month trip around Asia, and Singapore happens to be our first stop! Before this, we were in Naples and Athens for awhile.

You’re a voice actor, which is a pretty unique profession. How did you first get into it?
I’ve been acting since I was a little kid, but I got tired of on-camera work and wanted to shift my focus behind-the-scenes. After some research, I realised that voice acting was something I could try since I have a unique voice. I would say it’s lighter, more approachable, and friendlier, which is easy to listen to, especially when it comes to things like corporate training videos.

I decided to pursue voice acting in the commercial sector for practical reasons—it’s easier to break into, and there are a lot more clients as compared to the film industry.

What’s your favourite part about this job?
I’m not necessarily doing the most fascinating work, since a lot of it involves me reciting training and e-learning content. But one thing’s for sure, I’m learning something new everyday.

Whenever I record training programmes, I’m also learning at the same time. One week, I can be learning about cement, and the next week, I’m learning about a new car that’s just launched. It’s so interesting!

Besides, as a freelancer, I can travel and record from anywhere around the world, which is a nice bonus.

Walk us through a typical day in your life.
The first thing I do after I wake up is get a coffee. Then, I check the internet for any work from existing clients; if not, I try to find new work. Next, I spend a few hours exploring wherever I am, and another few hours working—recording and editing. To end the day, I may go out to see some nightlife depending on where I’m residing.

How are you enjoying Singapore?
Oh I love it, it’s beautiful! But it’s been hot, so hot! (laughs)

We’ve mostly been checking out the hawker centres. The food here is one of my favourites, especially the kopi; I really like coffee, and it’s very different here.

Where to next?
After Singapore, we’ll be heading to Malaysia, Indonesia, and hopefully Japan. I’ve never been to Japan, so I’m very excited for that.

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