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The last time we met, you told us you were going to the Everest Base Camp (EBC)—how was it?
Hiking to EBC was definitely a life-changing experience and more a mental challenge than anything. My husband and I began the trip knowing only each other, but by the end of the two weeks, we counted down to the new year in Kathmandu with 15 new friends whom we met along the way. The challenges we faced together really turned strangers into friends with insane stories that will forever bond us—we even have an active Facebook chat group! I loved escaping our hectic lives and being totally unplugged. The Nepalese people are so friendly and really made us feel at home. I have an increased tolerance for stairs and dirty toilets, and a huge appreciation for clean running water and readily-available toilet paper from the supermarket. (laughs)

Where are you headed off to next?
I’m heading to Finland, Amsterdam, and Switzerland next. I’m hoping to see the Northern Lights, go husky sledding, and ski the Swiss Alps—it’s always been on my bucket list! I’m just not looking forward to being in negative temperatures for the most part of two weeks and potentially forgetting what the word ‘humidity’ means.

My top three things to bring on a trip:
The first would have to be a good book, because plugging into a good book is always such a luxury these days. I’d need my earphones because I can’t survive without a good playlist and my favourite jams—Pink Floyd, Imagine Dragons, Boyce Avenue and Kygo—and lastly my iPhone, because let’s be real, I’ll need it for Google, Google Maps, Spotify, WhatsApp and taking pictures.

If I could travel into the future and ask myself a question, I would ask…
“How have you made a positive impact in at least one person’s life that didn’t benefit yourself?” One of my biggest fears is being sucked into the corporate rat race, especially in a sales job, and not investing enough love, quality time, and support to the people around me.

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