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How would you describe your fashion sense?
I like to mix clothes that are considered OL (“office lady”) with street style, but that sense of freedom comes from the fact that my workplace is more relaxed when it comes to dress codes. In my previous corporate job, my wardrobe had a lot more corporate clothes, but now I get to bring in more of my personality into my outfits.

Is there a habit or a trait you’ve picked up from your job?
A large part of my job revolves around watching Korean entertainment, so in my free time, I don’t enjoy watching Korean dramas anymore (laughs). Some days, if you offer me Korean food, I think I’ll turn it down.

We have to ask you this—recommend us a Korean drama.
People usually have a fixed stereotype when they think about Korean dramas, so Kingdom was a drama that was really refreshing. It’s good for all genders, and it’s quite short, so it’s easy to introduce to someone who doesn’t usually watch romantic dramas.

What would you say is the hardest part about your occupation?
I work with social media most of the time, so it gets difficult when I want to detach myself from that space, even after I’m out of office.

What’s one personality trait of yours that not many people might not know about?
A lot of my friends are going to laugh when I say this—but I’m a softie at heart. I’m quite sensitive, it’s true! I even tear up at Korean dramas. I think I have a lot of personalities too—a trend I’ve been really into recently are these face-related motifs and abstract art figurines on my outfit, which I like to think describes my very diverse characteristics.

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