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Jasmine says that she’s usually in black and white, but she adds a bit more colour to her look on Fridays, such as when we photographed her. “I like to mix and match, but my rule of thumb is to not to have more than 3 different colours in my whole outfit.” Describing her personal style as classy and chic, Jasmine says she dresses mostly according to her mood, but loves wearing dresses and skirts, especially those in flowy materials, as it makes her feel feminine and look good. Perhaps dressing up is Jasmine’s way of having some fun even while at work. “We are undeniably living in a pressure cooker, dog-eat-dog society,” she says. “Success will find those who stay humble and patient.” If she could do anything she wants to, however, Jasmine says she would love to have her own café, where she can serve dishes that she’s whipped up. “I love to cook, and food also motivates me to work out regularly,” she says. “I try to go to the gym during my lunch time, at least thrice a week, so that I can enjoy all my food without guilt. I love to stay active and be exposed to all sort of sports.” Her one philosophy that she adheres to? To live life without regrets.

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