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Barbara’s look today is a far cry from her alter-ego at night. “I’m hardly wearing any make up!” she protests, at first, when we stop her on the street. But we still think there’s a laidback charm in her outfit, which, although is basically a t-shirt-and-shorts combination, is hardly sloppy. The trick is in the material — her sheer top has a subtle gold shimmer to it, while her shorts are made of leather for a little rock-chick edge, topped off with a spiky, chained necklace. Describing her style as “elegant and feminine, with a bit of a cool edge”, she’s actually dressed to go to the office today. “You should always wear what you feel confident in, but give it your own twist. It’s not fun just to blend in with the rest of the world.” Barbara works in an events company, and is heavily involved in the nightlife scene, so her nights are often filled with glitzy parties and glamorous outfits. “I’m usually in dresses and high heels, with my hair all done up, all the time, so whenever I can dress kind of normally for the office, it makes me really happy.” Her work gives her the opportunity to bring cool ideas to life, and that’s one of the reasons why she loves what she does. “The sky is the limit. It’s my own company, and I am so happy with what we are doing. We are running quite a few exciting events in town and I have an amazing team,” she says. “I would not change it for anything else. I am exactly where I want to be.” Although working in nightlife might sound like one endless party, Barbara says that she’s actually quite a homebody. “Since we run an events company, we are out all the time, mingling and meeting new friends. Most of the people that know me just know that side of me. But I am actually a very homely person, to whom family is very important, and I fly back almost every three months to see mum, dad and my family.” It’s definitely inspiring to see Barbara living a life that she has carved out for herself, and she says, “Life is what you make out of it. Anything is possible and you should always reach for the stars. Even if you get knocked down once in a while, it was just something you needed to learn to reach your ultimate goals. Always stay positive and surround yourself with people that bring the best out in you.”  

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