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If Kay could do anything in the world, she’d love to travel and explore new and untouched places. “My dream job is to work for National Geographic as a photographer or planner for their expeditions.”  Her appetite for adventure sees her going on mountaineering trips and immersing herself in different cultures and experiences, even if it means being cut off from the rest of the world. “I recently went on a nomadic migration tour in Mongolia, where you’re really isolated, so there’s no WiFi, no internet—you really get to enjoy the moment.” It could be that these experiences have taught Kay to further appreciate what she has, and she’s made it her personal goal  to help the less privileged. “On my trips I always bring things I want to donate, just to give back a little. Hopefully, I will be able to do something more than that this year.”  Her love for being on-the-go and unencumbered seems to have influenced her personal style as well.“I’m a sucker for slouchy tops or dresses because they make it easy to cover my post-lunch food baby.” It is fortunate then that Kay does not have a dress code to adhere to — a perk of being her own boss. Kay made the bold move to start her own branding and design firm after a few years of working in marketing and advertising. “I had all these skills, and I wanted to apply them without someone watching over me,” she says. “It is tough, though, having to make your own decisions and not getting someone else’s opinions.”

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