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Ann’s exotic looks were the first thing that caught our eye; with her dark hair, tanned skin, and earth-toned, bohemian getup, we were getting vague Pocahontas vibes. “I seem to have an affinity with music and fashion from the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s,” she says. “Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong era!” Despite this, she insists that she does not have a particular style. “I dress however I feel like on the day. Comfort is the most important.” We had caught her right after work, it seemed, and she had changed into a more casual pair of silver sandals, but they were definitely a stylish alternative to the usual flip-flops worn after-hours by most office folk. Of Chinese and Eurasian descent, Ann was pleasantly surprised, yet most obliging, when we approached her. “It’s so cool,” she gushed. “I always see other people on street style blogs, but I never thought I’d be on one.” If Ann keeps up the style quotient, we just might be seeing more of her around.

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