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I have my biking pants on today.
I started doing triathlons and train by cycling all around Singapore. Being a landscape architect, cycling also allows me to look at all the scenery and landscapes around the island. I love cycling at night, because that’s the best time, and I do it every other week.

My goals this year:
Hopefully that I can complete one more triathlon. I’ve done about 3 or 4 since last year.

I love travelling.
I’ve backpacked through Southeast Asia and many other countries to check out the landscaping and take in whole new experiences. I really like Berlin in terms of how they manage their green space in the city, it was really easy and convenient to get around while cycling.

What inspires me:
I love being able to work outdoors, and to change and impact the public space.

My ideal urban landscape?
A good balance between the greenery and urban life.

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