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What’s your daily routine like?
I wake up, wash up, go to the gym, have breakfast, and then go to work. Working in media can be pretty unpredictable, so I like to have some degree of control, and that space of two to three hours in the morning is time that belongs entirely to me. I like starting my day at the gym because I believe in starting my day right.

What’s a random useless talent that you have?
I can bark like a dog! (laughs) Sometimes I like to bark at dogs that I encounter, just to see if they respond to me.

It seems like you do a lot of things, being a video journalist, producer, and writer—how did you get into what you’re doing now?
I’ve always wanted to be a journalist since I was in secondary school, but I wanted to cover lifestyle news and more lighthearted topics. However, after I dabbled in it in university, I realised that I wanted to do something more impactful with my skills, so I switched over to hard news, and I later picked up video skills as well, seeing as digital media was on the rise.

What are some ways you manage your work stress?
I have a tattoo that reads “Master of my sea”, which is taken from a lyric in Believer, a song by Imagine Dragons. It’s apt because when I feel overwhelmed, what I do is to remind myself that I need to stay centred despite all the chaos around me, and I’m the only person who can take responsibility for my reaction to things. I always take a deep breath before dealing with things in a calm manner.

What’s the nicest thing that someone’s done for you recently?
I recently celebrated my 25th birthday, and my partner surprised me with a day full of activities at Sentosa, followed a dinner by the sea. It was a casual dinner, but it was very thoughtful and romantic.

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