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Why did you become a lawyer?
Because I have very Asian parents! (laughs) To be fair, I did an A-Level course on law and I found the subject to be very interesting, which was why I decided to pursue a degree in it. And I don’t regret it because the subject matter does engage me and I find what I’m doing now very interesting.

Some things you’ve taken away from your years at work?
Always be humble, and if you don’t know anything, ask.

One wardrobe essential:
White pants.

Best decision ever:
Agreeing to marry my fiancé whom I met in university. 

If you had all the time in the world to do anything, what would it be and why?
I’d like to split my time between learning new things and helping people. I think giving is a bit neglected in the environment that we’re in—when we’re going through our schedules, we tend to forget to give back to society. As for reading, I’d like to find out more about certain subject matters, rather than books in particular. I recently went to Burgundy, and got very immersed in understanding the history of wines in different regions.

Favourite comfort foods:
Mac and cheese and Punggol nasi lemak, which I haven’t eaten for a very long time because I’m on a wedding diet!

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