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Born in Bangkok, Nikki sees herself as an avid traveller, and plans to visit quite a number of countries in 2015 alone. “Australia in February, Bali in June, a few trips to Thailand, Maldives diving trip in August, and UK during Christmas — these are where I have been or plan to go so far this year.” She believes that “yourself, family, and friends, are as important as your work”, and thus her personal motto is to be a good person, stay happy, and love herself to the max. A food lover, she tries to go to new restaurants once or twice a month, using online food websites as a guide, and balances out her indulgences through yoga and swimming. Her favourite cinema in Singapore is not your regular large theatre, but The Projector. “They show a lot of interesting foreign films — I love it,” she says. Nikki dresses depending on the occasion. “During office hours, there isn’t an exact dress code, so as long as we keep it business-like, then it’s okay,” she says. She usually keeps it simple but with a pop of colour, such as a black dress with a red bag or a grey pencil skirt with a neon pink top, but during her down time she leans more towards bohemian and summer wear. “Maxi dresses, ripped jeans shorts with a T-shirt or tank with layered necklaces, and sandals are what I tend to go for,” she says, all of which are well-suited for Singapore’s tropical weather. Seeing herself as a traveller, it would only be befitting that her dream would be to travel the world — provided money is not an issue, because she would love the experience of “getting to see different places, meeting new friends, learning new cultures, and trying delicious foods”. “It cant get better than that!” One thing she wants to impart on others would be to commit to whatever is necessary, whether it be waking up early and getting to work on time, asking questions to learn new things, or adapting to changes. Nikki believes that you should work hard and take responsibility in all that you do, as “nobody can make you successful — you have to do that yourself”.
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