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My most memorable trip:
I always make it a point to go somewhere new every year, but Bali will always be a special place. There’re always new things to do every time I go there, but it has never lost its essence. There must be a reason why we call this place an Island of Gods back in Indonesia.

What should someone do/see/eat when they visit Bali?
The Balinese sunset is the most gorgeous thing ever; go to Uluwatu cliff and just stay there till the sun sets. Other than that, of course the food—Babi Guling is a must-try.

Philosophy I’m living by right now:
Pay it forward, always!

Best advice I’ve ever received:
Stay hungry, but always be humble—you have to be willing to invest the time and energy to keep getting better; but always remember that you will never know it all, so always be open to new ideas and learn from people you meet.

My favourite TV show growing up:
Friends. For one, it’s funny and entertaining, but more importantly, it shows me that being a grown up is not that scary, especially if you have your loved ones to share your life with.

Role model in life?
My mom, who’s a doctor. I don’t and probably will never understand how she always makes it seem so easy to juggle her career, and her role as a mom. She’s great at both!

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