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Jacqueline loves black outfits, so much so that she describes today’s dark grey ensemble as “a rare moment”. “I love the absoluteness of the colour and the fact that it goes with any other accessories,” she says. “It’s fuss-free, worry-free, and you can be so creative with it because it’s like a blank canvas.” Her dress today is classy and office-appropriate, neither too short nor too fitting; she injects a bit of personality into her look with a chunky necklace and a speckled manicure, and offsets the primness of her look with a pair of feminine ribboned heels and a charm bracelet. Perhaps Jacqueline has found the key to looking good, without having to spend an exorbitant sum on clothes. “I like good quality cutting and fabric,” she says. “I do like getting a good bargain at flea markets, when I find a good piece at a fabulous price. I would rather spend more on a basic than to purchase something that’s part of a fad.” When it comes to her style, Jacqueline says she’s more likely to dress according to the mood of the moment. “I think as long as you’re comfortable and you’re confident, you’re fine.” Confidence seems to come naturally to Jacqueline, and she’s not one to hesitate. She quotes entrepreneur Richard Branson for one of her driving philosophies of the moment: “If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later.” she says. “Best decision yet!”

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