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Where are you originally from and what brought you to Singapore?
I’m from Ipoh, Malaysia, and I moved to Singapore seven months ago for a job as a Videographer and Editor at Publicis, an advertising agency.

To be very honest, I chose to work here because of the currency (laughs). Apart from that, I wanted to try working overseas as well. Since there isn’t much of a cultural difference between the two countries and I have some relatives living here, Singapore became my first choice.

What’s your favourite part about your job?
Getting to explore new places in the country when we take on different projects. I get to explore Singapore and work at the same time, so it’s like killing two birds with one stone—it’s really fun!

What do you miss most about home?
As much as I love the bustling city and night life here, I miss how chill Ipoh is, being surrounded by greenery all the time, and driving!

Outside of work, what do you like to do?
When I have some time alone, I like to hop on random public buses and travel around the city. It’s the cheapest way for me to explore Singapore.

One time, I boarded a bus thinking that it would make a loop, but I somehow ended up at Jurong. I had to get a Grab back in the end, but it was a new experience, and I guess I know how the buses here work now (laughs).

That aside, I also enjoy photography, videography, and playing the piano.

Are you working on any passion projects?
I’ve recently started a TikTok account, @bynvisuals, where I feature short clips and compilations of my works, but I don’t have any followers yet.

For my job, it’s important to build a portfolio and reputation so that I can have more opportunities in the future; with this TikTok account, I’m laying small stepping stones for whatever different ventures I may want to pursue.

What’s your favourite food in Singapore?
I love bak chor mee, it’s super good! My favourite is Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodle, the one with a Michelin star.

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