Gone With The Flow








What do you do and what do you love about your job?
I got into recruiting by pure chance, andI love everything about my job! I meet fantastic people with different mindsets who help me grow and break boundaries.

What is something that surprised you about your line of work?
I used to think that people were more close-minded and traditional, so I’m surprised by how nice and like-minded people are in Singapore.

I’ve come to realise that there are a lot of people who are very similar to me; I don’t feel that weird anymore (laughs), which is great!

Tell us about a hobby of yours.
I like to wakeboard and wakesurf in Bali. Bali is my healing place and secret sanctuary, especially when things get a little too stressful in the city.

I’ve been learning to do tricks from my instructor. He’s very patient, and is always encouraging me to try new stuff.

I would say that I’m pretty daring, I like to try this and that, break a bone or something. Hopefully not though (laughs).

Tell us about your last visit to Bali.
I just returned from a 16-day trip there in September actually. This time, I brought my six-year-old daughter for our very first yoga class together, and I was quite surprised that she participated for a good 40 minutes out of an hour.

How has being a mother been like for you?
It’s been great, I love being a mum! I get to teach my mini-me about life, and I want to set the best example for her.

You know, she makes me so proud! Six years old, and she’s like, “Mummy, let’s meditate.” Kids are so smart nowadays, I don’t know what’s in their milk powder! (laughs)

What is something your daughter has taught you.
She’s taught me many things, like how it’s okay to be weird and completely yourself.

I guess as adults, we forget the innocence and freedom of being a child who does not conform to societal expectations and what others think. I love to watch her be completely herself and throw herself into whatever she likes; the only thing that matters is happiness.

What is something you learned about yourself in the past year?
Wow! I learned that being alone is okay. I just got out of a relationship in which I depended on my partner a lot, so I had to relearn being alone.

It’s tough, and some days get pretty lonely. Being on this journey for a month, I’ve come to learn a lot of self-love, and that life has so much more to offer. We always think that life will go a certain way, and when it doesn’t, we get sidelined. Sometimes, it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but it’s there.

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