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Tell us what you do as a Transformation Strategist and Keynote Speaker. Were these career paths you’ve always wanted to pursue?
I run a company called Botanic Minds, where I work with individuals to upgrade the quality of their minds. Through my sessions, I re-programme people on a subconscious level by replacing limiting beliefs with self-empowering beliefs, so they can feel happier and be the best version of themselves in all aspects of life.

I’ve always been an unofficial coach to the people around me; I wanted to find genuine and immediate solutions to allow people to be happier, and realise that they can attain whatever they want or need.

After watching the 2006 documentary, The Secret, about the law of attraction, I went on a quest to find recipes that can better the lives of others by studying ancient, scientific, and religious texts.

As for Keynote Speaking, I’m rather new to this field, so I’m definitely trying to go on more stages to share my truth and empower others with my words.

Favourite part of your job would be-
Receiving positive messages from my clients telling me that I’ve helped them to reach where they want to be in life.

One of the best moments for me was when a client, who had been unsuccessful in trying to conceive for many years, announced her pregnancy just six weeks after our session!

How long have you been in Singapore and how are you liking it here?
I moved to Singapore from France five years ago and I really love it here! For me, it’s the perfect balance of urban city life and feeling like I’m an Avatar in nature—it’s so nice.

You’re a mother of two, what has parenthood taught you?
It’s made me realise that we all have different levels of consciousness; even our kids have their own ways of thinking. As much as possible, I’ve learned to respect who they really are, instead of trying to mould them into who I am.

What’s your biggest advice for the pursuit of happiness?
Happiness is not an impossible mission. If you want to shift any aspect of your life or yourself, it’s possible and definitely doable.

How do colours influence your personal style?
As a Numerologist, I believe that colours can raise our vibrations, so they’re really important in making me feel alive. In fact, I wear specific colours for specific occasions or for meeting specific people because I associate different colours with different ways of being.

For instance, I’m wearing green today—one of my favourite colours—because my element is metal, so green for me represents empowerment and a connection with nature.

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