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Why did you decide to pursue a diploma in Arts Management?
I have a few friends who are artists and we used to joke about what it would be like if I became their manager (laughs). So I looked into Arts Management and found it to be an interesting career path.

Besides, I didn’t want to restrict myself to one art field right off the bat. Since art managers are essential in every discipline, I decided to give it a go to explore the different routes possible in the art scene.

Tell us about a goal you’re working towards.
I’ll need to do an internship next semester, so I’m hoping to apply for a position at UltraSuperNew, a creative agency that doubles as a contemporary gallery. It’s quite a cool company that was founded in Tokyo; they feature many street artists and sell art too.

As for this year, my goal is to attain a 4.0 GPA (laughs).

What’s next after you get your diploma?
My dream is to become a curator at an art gallery, so I’m planning to further my studies in art history to get the qualifications I need to do just that.

What can we find you doing outside of school?
Gaming! I really enjoy playing games like Valorant. If I weren’t studying Arts Management, I’d probably be doing something related to game design, although I’m not very good at coding and stuff (laughs).

Besides gaming, I also work as a part-time art teacher at ARRT.INC STUDIO with a few of my classmates where we help to facilitate weekly lesson plans for children under 12 years old.

Who or what inspires your fashion style?
I’m inspired by Korean fashion in general, especially Joy from the K-pop girl group, Red Velvet. Here in Singapore, I’ve been loving Nohbody, a fashion brand that my friend started.

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