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What’s something that surprised you about your industry when you first joined it?
I love how young everyone is in advertising. No matter which year they were born in, they all kept up with the latest in pop culture and trends, to stay relevant with the next big thing. I could speak to the creative directors about anything from Breaking Bad to The Smiths.

You switched jobs during the Circuit Breaker period—how was the process like?
Everything was done quite quickly, and mostly online, so it honestly felt rather surreal. I’m definitely a hugger, and would have loved to say goodbye to my colleagues in real life, but I’m thankful that I managed to meet the ones that I wanted to, and I’m lucky enough to count some of them as friends as I move on. There weren’t that many fears, seeing as the worst seems to have already happened, but it was just what was the best next move for me.

If there’s one thing you’d like to change about yourself, it’d be:
I definitely have to work on my punctuality (laughs).

As a creative, how do you usually find inspiration?
Anywhere and everywhere, but I’m still an avid user of Twitter and Tumblr even though many have left. I feel that platforms evolve over the years and the people who stayed have made them somewhat better and funnier, especially with twitter.

Tell us more about a guilty pleasure you have!
I love sitting back after a long day and entering a new world on the PS4 (latest games include Ghost of Tsushima and Last of Us 2), or reading a good book. I’m currently reading Rodham by Curtis Sittenfeld.

Lastly, if you could name your autobiography, what would its title be?
I don’t feel like I’ve lived through enough life experiences to be able to name my autobiography (laughs). Maybe I could revisit this question in a few years’ time.

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