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Share with us one  of your favourite childhood memories.
Monthly Zoo visits! It was such a treat to see animals and have an ice cream after.

If you could choose to relive one day of your life again, which day would you pick and why?
It’s gotta be 2 days then: the days when my daughter and son were born. There births were significant milestones in my life and they continue to morph and evolve as they blossom into teenagers. My life truly steered from one which was self-centred to one that was devoted to them .

What’s one skill you feel should be taught in schools, but currently isn’t? 
Failure. Our education system does not condone that, but in real life, you haven’t truly lived unless you have failed. The ability to fail shapes a person, and it’s surreal to ever think one will never face failures in their life.

You’re given the chance to make one law that everyone must abide by: what would it be? 
You have to laugh everyday! Have fun and be happy! The rest will follow.

Share with us a piece of advice that you’d like your children to always remember.
Always be curious and kind. Know that failures are part and parcel of life and great stepping stones for us to build our resilience and strength, that’ll help us grow into the person we choose to become.

Life is far less complicated than we make it out to be: so stop, count your blessings, look outwardly to see how we can do a simple kind deed for someone else.

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