Best decision ever:
Moving to Singapore! It’s been five years and I love the opportunities, people, and tropical climate here too. It makes a change from the weather in London.

My most memorable trip:
I just came back from Kerala and the backwaters of Alleppey, and before that I was in Ladakh amidst the Himalayas for a few days. Experiencing both north and south India has been amazing. Most of all, I enjoyed the local people I met along the way—I found them to be warm-hearted, open, and just so beautifully true.

One thing I’ve learnt from my years of work is…
How important self-love is for work because it keeps me real, honest, open, true, focused, on point, as well as harmonious and healthy. It’s what brings job satisfaction as well as life satisfaction, and so ‘success at work’ or ‘successful living’, as I’m learning too, is living self-love and bringing this vital quality to the job I do and to those I work with.

People don’t know this, but…
I can smell scents, such as something burning or the fragrance of flowers, in my sleep, during dreamtime.

Something I’d tell my younger self:
Study, focus, work hard, and live life to its fullest, but never lose yourself to the topsy turvy spin of the world. Instead, be your true adorable self, and know your worth without compromise: self-connection, self-possession, true love—every step of the way.

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