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“I feel happiest when I’m making or creating so there’s probably a craft project or two I want to develop down the road.” If Fiona could, she would delve into professions that are more creative and hands-on, like metal smithing and wood-working. Currently, Fiona’s into photography and enjoys playing tourist in her own city, and she also goes trekking to indulge in her love for nature. That also explains her growing interest in botany and a present obsession with potted succulents. “I can’t seem to walk past a cute cactus or succulent without taking it home!” Fiona is currently working in the fashion industry, which allows her to interact with some of the best minds in the fashion and design space. “I am grateful to be able to share their stories and I always come away with new insights. My greatest satisfaction comes from giving these deserving individuals their time in the spotlight.” She is also grateful that her work does not restrict her personal style, which mostly gravitates towards minimalistic basics personalised with unique pieces she collects from her travels. To those new to the workforce, Fiona’s advice is to “take a genuine interest in anyone you cross paths with”, regardless of their relative position. “Everyone has something to offer you and you have something to offer everyone else, so make sure you leave people better than you found them.”

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