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You’ve made a mid-career switch from Pharmaceuticals to Education. When did you make this switch?
I made the career switch in June of 2022 as I thought if not now, then when? So I picked up the courage to leave the pharmacy after five years and chase my dream by entering the early childhood industry!

Was it difficult getting used to a new working environment and industry?
At first, I found the huge change from dealing with patients to kids really tough, but thankfully my colleagues were nice enough to provide me with the guidance I needed.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced as a teacher?
Since I’m new to the industry, the challenges I’ve faced are all related to managing children. It can be exhausting, especially when I’m alone in class, or when the kids get distracted and refuse to listen to me.

Tell us about a memorable encounter you’ve had at work.
One of my kids once told me that I’m their favourite teacher!

As a new teacher, I feel that I’m still lacking a lot and have more to improve on, so I felt very happy that my students have trust in me to teach and care for them.

If you could travel back in time, which moment would you choose to relive?
I’d love to go back to my secondary school days. Those were the stress-free days that I cherish and miss the most with my friends, just having fun in school!

On tough days, what keeps you going?
When things get tough, I’ll always remind myself that God doesn’t put me in situations I cannot bear, and that better things are coming my way.

My parents are also my pillars of strength who have kept me going all these years.

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