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Best advice ever:
When I was younger, momma used to say “做完功课, 才去玩” (finish your homework before playing). It’s really simple advice, but the best I’ve received. Growing older has made me take stock of my responsibilities in life and realise how it’s not just about playing, but playing responsibly.

Childhood ambition:
I once dreamt of becoming a professional NBA basketballer or a rapper, but didn’t, because of a knee injury, poor flows, and bad poetry.

Secret talents:
I was a semi-pro musician for 2 months. I was busking with a singer until he felt I was a surplus to his requirements, but he’s doing pretty well now! I still jam to songs on my bass guitar if I’m in the mood.

The way I dress:
10 years back, I used to prefer baggy clothing because it was convenient and comfortable. Now, fit is definitely my priority. It’s difficult to find shirts that are well-fitted when you’re tall and lanky, so I usually go to a tailor for my workwear.

What I’d tell my younger self:
Get your act together. I had so much time but I spent it on activities that didn’t add value to my life. I cherish my time more now.

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