In Good Time


Talent Director




In the middle of Raffles Place Park on a Friday evening, amidst the sea of human rush hour traffic and throngs of Zumba dancing folks, we spotted Sharon, bright-eyed and cradling a bottle of wine, deep in conversation with a bunch of colleagues. She was dressed comfortably in a simple black skirt and tank top ensemble, but had an air of poise and confidence about her that we just couldn’t ignore.

As we approached her, she seemed cautious, but readily agreed to be photographed. With her colleagues cheering her on and snapping pictures of their own from the side, Sharon tells us that they were actually in the midst of a serious debate—picking a dinner location to celebrate the end of another work week. In between shots, her colleagues excitedly asked us when they could expect to see Sharon’s photos, and told us that with her bold personality and classy style, she’s the best person that we could feature

We didn’t want to keep the bunch of them waiting, so we snapped some quick photos and said our goodbyes. Watching Sharon and her colleagues disappear into the crowd, we can’t help but be thankful that we just happened to be at the right place, at the right time.

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