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What does the role of an Apparel Production Assistant entail?
I work at Benjamin Barker to liaise with suppliers and manufacturers. source for fabrics, and create samples and prototypes for their clothing. I’m also very involved with campaign shoots, be it locally or overseas.

What has been your biggest takeaway from this job?
Since I studied architecture before starting this job in fashion, I pretty much had to learn everything on the job, so I’ve picked up a lot in just over one year of working here.

Having to interact with clients and other people at work on a daily basis, I’ve noticed that my speaking skills have improved, and I’m a lot more confident when talking to strangers. This confidence is something that has spread into my personal life too!

Why did you decide to move away from architecture?
Architecture is still my main passion and interest; I just needed a break from it after my studies.

My current job has really cleared up what I like and want to do as a creative. I think I’m ready to go back into architecture now and hopefully explore furniture design too, which I’m also very interested in!

How would you describe the way that you dress?
Oh, it’s different everyday! (laughs)

I’m in a more mellow outfit today with muted colours, but sometimes my dressing can be very loud with a lot of jangly bits. I’d say that I like unconventional styles that are loud not in colour, but in edginess.

Tell us one thing you’re working up the courage to do.
It’ll be a bold move for someone like me, but I want to leave everything behind and move out of Singapore for a fresh start. Some places I’m considering are Norway and Finland—somewhere further away, quieter, off the grid, and with a farm and cottage-core house.

Where do you find solace within the hustle and bustle of our city?
My quiet place is at a newly-renovated canal near my house. I like to go there at night, when there’s no one around, to sit on the swings of a playground and just chill.

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