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It’s been a while since we last spoke, what’s changed?
Back then I was working in Shenton Way, but changed jobs along the way and moved out of the area. It’s funny you caught me at this time because I recently started a new job and am now working in Shenton Way again. It’s nice to be back here, this place has got great energy!

I’m still in the Civil Service, but in a very different role. What I enjoy about this line of work is that it’s not just about the bottom line.

What does work-life balance look like for you now?
I recently start doing yoga, so I’d say it’s about being able to make it to my classes on time after work (laughs).

I like that yoga forces me to put my phone away and take a mental break so I can focus on following instructions and the way my body moves and feels during the hour or so in class.

How else do you like to spend your free time?
One thing that hasn’t changed is that I still sew and fix up vintage clothings, so I can wear a lot of nonsense to work (laughs).

Tell us about your fashion style.
I either dress in super bright colours or in black and white (like today), there’s no in-between (laughs). One thing’s for sure though, I wear the brightest colours on my office floor!

On weekends, because it’s perpetually summer here, I tend to show a bit more skin with tank tops and spaghetti straps.

My biggest achievement in 2023 would be—
Starting a job in a completely new role to pursue more growth.

What’s a recent memory that you hold dear?
My last Bangkok trip with my good friends! I’ve known them for around a decade and we often travel together. It’s always nice to spend time with one another and catch up on life in this way.

We might also visit Hong Kong soon, but we’ll see; we usually just book flight tickets on a whim whenever there’s a good deal (laughs).

Lin was previously seen here.

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