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We hear that you’re an avid vinyl collector. When did this interest start?
I’ve been collecting vinyl records since I was 16 when my parents gifted me a vinyl of The Weeknd’s album House of Balloons. But at that age, none of my friends were into music like that, and vinyl collecting is quite an expensive hobby too, so I didn’t have the means to start a collection of my own despite my interest in it back then.

After I started working in the PR and Marketing industry—which can be a bit overwhelming at times—music became my outlet to destress. That was when I really started investing in my collection and supporting local vinyl stores, my go-to being The Analog Vault at the Esplanade. I also began checking out new music more often and hanging out on Discord channels to meet people with the same interests online.

What do you love most about music?
Music is so powerful! I love that it can empower and inspire us everyday.

When I’m sad, music can help me find the strength to pick myself back up. When I’m happy, I’m reminded of good memories through the songs that I listen to. That’s the beauty of music.

Are you a fan of local music?
For sure! There are many talented musicians in Singapore making music in all genres from rock to hiphop to psychedelic jazz—my personal favourite. Some of them are super low-key, but there really is great music to be found in our home.

Some of my favourite local bands and artistes include The Kribo Brothers, and the alternative R&B duo nkei.

Can you give us a song recommendation?
Eternal Sunshine by American singer and songwriter, Jhené Aiko, who’s my all-time favourite artiste.

Her songs have given me confidence to go about my life and helped me to become comfortable in my own skin. Listening to her empowering songs just makes me feel so lucky to be a woman!

How else are you hoping to immerse yourself in the music scene?
I would love to pick up DJ-ing. I’ve tried it once but it’s not easy having to toggle the bars, tempos, and everything else all at once (laughs). Considering the fact that I love to curate music, what’s left for me to do now is to mash everything up for the world to hear.

I also want to improve on my guitar skills. I can play some simple songs, but it’d be nice to be able to play my favourite pieces in full.

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