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Status Anxiety

What would your dream job be?
There are quite a few actually. When I was young, I wanted to be a pilot. Then, growing up I had dreams of opening up a café, and a studio for underprivileged kids to focus on arts instead of academics. I also wanted to be in the gerontology line, and work on social welfare for elderly.

Why the interest in underprivileged kids and the elderly?
It was about developing an artistic side of these kids who don’t have a platform or chance to develop these skills. As for the elderly, when I was young I volunteered at elderly homes and I feel that aspect is quite neglected.

What would you dream office or workplace be like?
A very open concept. My current office is actually quite nice.

Do you travel a lot? Any favourite cities?
Yes, quite a fair bit. Probably Japan: Tokyo, Takayama, and Kyoto. Takayama is a bit further out from Tokyo, at the outskirts, and it’s a good mix between a city and something more historical.

Something interesting about me:
I don’t know—how about I used to play the drums? I was in a school band and took part in an inter-school competition. I didn’t even have any musical background but I liked the beats.

Who are you listening to right now?
It’s very varied, ranging from jazz to The Smashing Pumpkins. I need to listen to music at work just to tune out, sometimes.

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