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Tender Deeds

You’re currently studying Digital Filmmaking. Why did you choose this course, and what do you enjoy about filmmaking?
I started to be more passionate about films during my time in poly! I decided on filmmaking in ADM to expand my horizons and so far, I’ve really enjoyed working with passionate people and seeing the outcome of all our hard work in the form of film.

Currently, what are your top three, must-watch movies?
Sound of Metal, Never Rarely Sometimes Always, Minari. These three movies are the ones that stood out in recent memory, and all of them cover a type of personal struggle which could be relatable for many. I’m a sucker for movies that make me think about life, and these definitely hit the spot.

If you could be a part of any movie, book or TV show, which one would you choose and why? Is there a specific character you’d like to be?
How to Train Your Dragon– just to have a pet dragon! I think I’d choose to be Hiccup so that I could have Toothless.

If you could do anything you wanted, knowing you wouldn’t fail, what would it be?
Make Covid disappear :“)

Personally, something you’re working on being better at is:
Taking up the responsibilities of becoming an adult. As someone who’s not a big fan of change, becoming a young adult is quite intimidating. From managing my finances to planning ahead for future housing, it does stress me out quite a bit but I’m learning to take it in stride!

What’s something that should be taught in schools but is currently not? or What do you wish you learnt in school?
I think mental illness is something that everyone should be educated on. Schools would be a good place to start as learning about it from young would help destigmatize the subject, and I think many would benefit from being able to talk openly about it.

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