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As a spatial designer, Kevin is keenly aware of not only his surroundings, but also of the way he presents himself. The creative industry allows Kevin to be expressive in his dressing, as long as he looks presentable, but he still prefers to keep things minimal. “My style is clean and simple — no fuss,” he says. “I don’t like to attract too much attention, but I like personalising my outfit with small subtle touches such as a quirky pin or a fun pair of patterned socks.” We see that in his look today — a high-necked sweater accessorised with a fox pin; patterned pants chopped off above the ankles; and the unusual choice of bleach-white dress socks with his shoes. At work, Kevin says the most important lesson he’s learnt would be to persevere, especially when it’s the final outcome of his work that excites him the most. “The greatest satisfaction is to be able see your design become something tangible,” he says. “It’s a wonderful feeling to experience or dwell in the spaces that you have designed.” For Kevin, spaces can even take on a deeper meaning, beyond just something physical. “My wife and I enjoy going on our own spiritual ‘archi-tours’ by visiting different churches in Singapore to celebrate mass in different spatial settings and atmospheres,” he says. “Despite them being so different architecturally, and built in such different eras, there’s always that same familiarity in the sequence of the mass, and a calm sense of inner peace. I think that’s a unique beauty of the universal church.” Kevin was previously spotted here, and here.

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