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We caught Lucia while she was on holiday in Singapore with her father, indulging in our sights and sounds, as well as having a go at xiao long baos. Originally from Costa Rica, Lucia currently lives in Bali, and she shares that it is a common sight to see people walking around almost naked in their bikinis. When it comes to workwear, however, she believes in dressing modestly and attempts to look more presentable. She describes her personal style as laid back, and since she feels the need to be at ease in order to be productive, the clothes she prefers are usually made of light and comfortable natural fabrics. Lucia is fluent in four languages, and holds multiple jobs: as a writer, she is able to to synthesise her memories into something that creates emotions in others, and as a yoga teacher, she is constantly reminded of the big picture — of how people are all interrelated. She also works in public relations and content creation, and is grateful to be able to combine her different passions to work for companies that share the same social and environmental ethos that she believes in. With years of experience under her belt, Lucia advises anyone who is just starting out to do things that bring joy. “If your main motivation for a job is the money, then that is not good enough a reason. It is not sustainable in the long term, and you will become very unhappy quickly.” Initially, Lucia found it difficult to juggle work and play, until she managed to set her personal priorities clear. “First comes life, then comes work, because I’m sure that if I die tomorrow I would not wish to have spent more time working.” During her free time, she loves traveling and engaging in outdoor activities — from hiking up a mountain, to scuba diving. However, she sometimes makes exceptions for the city life and activities such as watching a movie at the cinema and visiting the local museums. “This trip to Singapore has been fun! I got to see the new National Gallery and watch the new Bond movie at IMAX — all the things that I don’t get to do on ‘my’ island.”

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