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What’s something you enjoy most about your job as a preschool teacher, and something you’d change if you could?
I enjoy creating fun and engaging learning resources for my students. Moments I enjoy the most are when I see the children having fun while learning, as I know this will cultivate them to be lifelong learners. If I could change something, it’d be for parents to set realistic and age-appropriate expectations for their children. Look out for their interests and develop them from there.

Are there any life lessons that your students have taught you?
The children taught me how to forgive easily and how to enjoy the simple pleasures in life. They also taught me to always smile, give hugs, and tell my loved ones that I love them.

Is there a habit you practice at work that you end up doing in your personal life too?
I respect my sons like how I respect my students. I give them choices and respect their decisions. This makes them feel they have autonomy and become confident learners.

What’s been one of your most recently played songs? Is there a memory you attach to it?
I enjoy a wide range of music, from the 80s to modern, Chinese, K-pop, English, Jazz and even French! Of course, there are memories attached to songs from my growing up days, especially the ones by Jay Chou. They accompanied me during my poly days when I was training hard for my cheerleading competition. The songs were played during our breaks to spur us on.

Something you’re currently saving up for is:
My retirement.

What’s something on your new year’s resolution list that you’re hoping to accomplish this year?
I do not have a new year’s resolution list because I believe in being consistent. It has become a lifestyle for me to exercise regularly to stay healthy. I also want to spend time with and give love to my family.

An advice you follow is: 
Do not criticize, do not complain. Give sincere honest praises, not flattery. Smile more!

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