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Tell us something not a lot of people know about you:
I’m actually ambidextrous. I was born left-handed but I grew up learning how to write with my right hand as well. But when I got older, I decided I prefer using my left hand, so that’s my dominant hand now.

One piece of health advice you’d like to give everyone:
Never take things for granted, because no one knows what will happen in the future, and things are unpredictable. You should take good care of your health, so if something happens, it happens—then you find a way to deal with it.

Is there a routine you stick to?
I try to exercise, because it helps with my concentration at work and my mood. If I don’t exercise, something feels a bit off. I do a lot of high intensity training—it’s more fun. I’ve tried a little bit of boxing, which is fun, but any exercise I try has to be intense.

What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve done?
Cliff diving. I actually don’t know what took over me, since I actually have a fear of heights. I tried it in Chiang Mai, in some secluded prairie, about a year and a half ago.

An ideal holiday destination?
It’s been a long time since I’ve gone on a holiday, maybe four or five months. My upcoming trip is to Africa, so that’s definitely on my ideal destination list. I’m going camping and going on a safari, which  I suppose are common activities everyone would do on a trip to Africa.

A personal belief or motto you live by:
Don’t be so uptight. Be more chill about stuff.

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