Let It Lie


Meng Yu




Tell us something interesting about yourself.

I’m a Chinese dancer. I’ve been doing it since primary school, and it’s like a hobby. I used to be more active in school, but now as an alumni, I go back every alternate semester.

What’s a book that you’re currently reading?

The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck by Mark Manson. It’s quite interesting, and also very vulgar, but I think he has some very hard truths in the book that we should implement in our daily lives, like not taking ourselves too seriously. There’s one concept that I thought was really interesting—you have a certain amount of f*cks to give, so choose the things that you find most important to you, and for the rest of it, just let things lie.

What made you want to read the book?

I think the title was the number one thing that drew me in. It’s a very interesting way of putting it. The way he positioned it was like: this is not a self-help book if you’re looking for one. So I was quite interested to know what it was about.

Something I can’t live without:

My dog. I adopted her a while back, so I have no idea what breed she is. But she looks like a Maltese and a poodle mix. I’ve always wanted to get a pet, but because I have a very young brother, it was quite hard to have a young kid and a dog at home. So one day my mom finally gave the ‘okay’ and then I just started asking around for a place that I could get a dog from. And it just so happened that my friend had the contact of this pet shop that was closing down, and they had quite a few older dogs to give away.

If a theme song played every time you walked through the door, what would it be?

I’ve been very into Mayday recently, because they recently had their concert here and they’re a band that I grew up with. I guess the song that’ll play would be 倔强 (‘stubborn’). It’s like standing your ground in this crazy world, and having your own values and principles.

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