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What are you listening to or reading at the moment?
I’m reading a wine book called Cork Dork—it’s a story about this girl finding out more about wine, and she goes into the wine world and mingles with the sommeliers and all that. I think I relate to it more because I don’t know anything much about wine. We’re all newbies, right? I’m also listening to an old vinyl of a band called The Shadows. They’re actually the backup band for Cliff Richard, and they play a kind of surf-sounding, instrumental music. That’s my latest acquisition, so I’ve been listening to it on repeat.

Do you go crate-digging for vinyls a lot?
I used to, until I realised that it cost me a lot of money. I’m quite selective now—I’ll only make the purchase if I find something really reasonably priced, or if I haven’t bought one in a long time.

I have two cats named Socks and Judo.
Socks literally looks like it’s wearing socks. Judo was supposed to be called Juno, after the movie, but I forgot the name so I named her Judo and it stuck.

You still skateboard—how has skateboarding shaped your life?
It’s kept me fit and strong (laughs). It’s also broken my bones. I’ve had two major injuries: my ankle and left elbow.

The last thing I saw that inspired me:
Sunsets while on I was on honeymoon in Africa. They made me want to be more with nature, to just be there. I enjoyed the hiking and the quietness of it—it was very peaceful and isolated, just completely away from people.

Jason was previously seen here, here, and here.

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