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Tell me something interesting about yourself.
I really like singing so I’m in an a cappella club. I was in a choir for 12 years as a soprano and I sing in many languages like Latin, Japanese, and German.

Best decision I’ve ever made:
To actually follow and study what I enjoy, which is sociology. A lot of people think it’s an useless degree but I’m very happy studying something I’m passionate about.

Something people don’t really know about me:
I don’t think you can tell from my appearance but I’m a vegetarian. I’m a big foodie and I enjoy Mexican and Thai food—anything that’s spicy and flavoursome.

If I could do anything at all, I would love to travel the world.
I just don’t have the money at the moment. I would love to do a lot of extreme sports like bungee jumping and parasailing. I’d also like to venture into opera or acting.

Scariest thing I’ve ever done:
Riding on a hot air balloon in Abu Dhabi. Prior to the trip, people were telling me about how others have died on hot air balloons and I got quite scared. It’s 20 people lifted up by just fire in the middle of an isolated desert, early in the morning before the sun comes up! While it was pretty scary, it was also one of the best experiences I’ve had in my life. It was breathtaking and we got to see the sunrise over the desert.

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