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By Charlotte

Something interesting about yourself?
I’m also a yoga teacher. I like the connection between the body and mind in yoga: you can bring your body into full alignment, or just have a bit of zen time. I teach here and there with friends.

What are some tips/advice you’d like to give to yoga beginners?

Don’t judge it before you try it! If anything, do it from a physical sense: if you have any injuries, see how yoga can help, or if you’re active, see how you can stretch out. If you start to see the benefits of your nervous system calming down, definitely keep yoga up because it does prolong your life!

Best decision you’ve ever made?
To move here from Australia. I’ve been here for six months and I love it here. The food is really good and I love the fact that I can have local or Western food or whatever you like very easily. I love all the food at Lau Pa Sat actually!

Most memorable trip?
Gosh, there are too many! But probably my four months stint in Europe, when I went around the Mediterranean and to beautiful places like Spain, Greece, Morocco, and Croatia. I just enjoyed being with my girlfriends, turning 25 years old, and not having a job. I didn’t really care about anything much then, whether it was where we were going or what were we eating that day.

In all your years of work, what’s one thing you’ve learnt about being in this industry?
Have a defined value proposition if you’re going to be different.


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