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When I’m feeling overwhelmed:
I take a cold shower. It makes everything better!

The best decision I made:
Moving to Australia to study. I was there for 8 years, for high school and university.

I love coffee.
It reminds me of the café culture when I was back in Melbourne. I drink at least two cups a day and I love coffee art.

The last place I travelled to, and what I liked about it:
Beijing, I absolutely loved hiking up the Great Wall of China. I hiked up a less touristy part of it called Jinshanling, which is about a 2.5 hour drive from Beijing city. It was such an amazing experience; the views were breath-taking and the weather was chilly, which made it more comfortable to hike in. I travelled with my parents,—I brought them there for their 32nd year anniversary—so it was good parent-daughter bonding!

What I would tell my younger self:
Just be yourself, and don’t compare yourself with others.

Something interesting about me:
I used to do ballet for about 7 years before I went to Australia.

Scariest thing that I’ve have done:
Either skydiving, which was more exhilarating rather than scary, or getting into a car accident in Beijing. It’s pretty traumatising trying to settle things when you’re in a foreign country and are not able to speak their language—I thought we were going to get killed!

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