Rebecca Minkoff

Mint green pants and a light washed denim top aren’t what you’d see in most offices, but Yanni is happily experimenting with colours and accessories to make her look her own. “My personal style is whatever I feel like, but within reason,” she says. She has a clear notion of what not to wear though. “Nothing too short and too tight. If it’s short, it can’t be tight, and vice versa.” Yanni balances out her pixie-cut hair and almost-boyish outfit with a pair of classy heels, a simple, elegant bag, and a light sprinkling of tasteful jewellery for a casual-Friday look that still passes off as presentable enough for the office. While she loves the flexibility and autonomy that her job offers her, Yanni also believes in managing her bosses for a happier work-life balance. “Also, leave your problems in the office,” she says. Therefore, her out-of-work time is spent hanging out with friends, going for a swim or yoga, or just “mindlessly surfing the net.” She’s also a big foodie, although she tries to balance that out with exercise. There’s a bit of a devil-may-care attitude behind this fair-faced, pastel-decked lady — right now, Yanni says, she believes in not caring too much in life.

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