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Michael Kors

Tell us something interesting about yourself:
I have a twin brother and I work for myself. I do a lot of things ranging from photography, to campaigns and social media marketing. I’m actually helping one of my close friends with a website; I’m the advisor and do marketing for that. On the other hand, the project meeting I just went for was about an anti-bullying campaign for primary and secondary schools. There’re quite a number of things to focus on and I have to divide my time accordingly.

I can’t live without:
I don’t know why, but I bring my jacket with me no matter what the weather is or where I go. It’s always in my bag, and it’s like my best friend. There’ll be moments when a girl will need a jacket, and I can provide it (laughs). It’s helpful.

Something interesting I’m working on:
A project called Plexxie; the Beta version will be ready in a months’ time. What we’re basically doing is providing people in the creative industry in Singapore a platform where they can post their portfolios on our website and connect with one another. It’s like Behance but the enhanced version—pun intended! (laughs) The more interesting part is the engagement—for example, if I want to find a photographer or videographer for a fashion shoot, I can do that through the site. We were selected for an entrepreneurship event in Hong Kong; it’s really exciting but it’s going to be tough.

I travel quite a bit.
Actually, a little too much! I’ve already been to six places since the start of the year: New York, Canada, Krabi, Penang, Australia (Brisbane and Gold Coast) and Phuket. I watched Adele in Brisbane, and I cycled in Penang, Krabi, and Phuket. It was a cycling cruise: we cycled 40km in Penang and then we went to Kedah where we cycled 30–40 km. It was quite an experience.

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