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You mentioned that you’re a psychologist—how did you get into that?

I’ve always loved working with children, so the type of psychologist I am is actually an Educational Psychologist. That has to do with helping kids and students with learning disabilities learn better in schools. The other part of my life is just making clothes, because my boyfriend Samuel owns In Personam Custom Clothiers. I make evening gowns, or cheongsams, for friends or for whoever comes my way. It’s been a really big hobby for the last three years.

How did you start making clothes?

I was trained locally, and I studied pattern-making and drafting. Sketching and design were all self-taught.

What are your favourite comfort foods?

I love porridge, like Teochew porridge. I love a good steak, and I love acai bowls.

Is there a book that has changed your perceptions or thoughts?

The Bible. I’m a Christian, not one from birth though, so it’s something I’ve gotten to know all over again. It’s really impacted my life and made me feel like life is so much more spacious and open than before.

If you could live in a TV series, what would it be and why?

Madmen, for the ’60’s fashion. I’m just a fan of the tailoring and silhouettes of the time.

If you could be an article of clothing, what would be something that best describes your personality?

I would be a dress with a tailored top and a full skirt, just because I need movement and I like to feel a little put together as well. If I were to be a material, it would be silk crepe, because it’s heavy and substantial, but also luxurious. And it’s got some texture too, not just smooth and shiny like satin.

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