Making A Choice





Sulin Serio


Choo Yi Lin





If I wasn’t in my current profession, I’d be doing:
Something that combines my love for planning and coaching. Either a travel or wedding planner, or a life coach for young girls!

My role model in life:
My 85-year-old maternal grandma who single-handedly raised 5 kids on her own after my grandfather left the family. She was not educated but managed to build a business and sent all her kids to school. Despite the adversity she faced in life, she never lost her zest for life and learning, and was never bitter when she spoke about her past.

My father gave me the best advice I’ve heard.
He said to do what makes you happy. Don’t spend your life living up to other people’s expectations or making others happy. Happiness is a choice, and always be grateful for what you already have.

Childhood pastime:
Both my sister and I were late readers, but we remember learning about languages from TV shows and having our own dramatic play.

I would tell my younger self:
It’s okay to be unsure about what you want to do with your life. And though it can be hard, always listen to your mum!

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