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Tell us where you’re originally from and why you decided to move to Singapore.
I’m from Taiwan. I decided to move to Singapore alone five or six years ago for work as it’s a pretty safe country as compared to other parts of Asia. I’m also not far from home so I can travel back to Taiwan whenever I want, especially when I crave authentic Taiwanese food!

What do you currently do for work?
I’ve been a Product Manager at a crypto company for almost three years. My job is to align stakeholders from compliance and business teams, designers, and developers together to reach a common goal. It involves a lot of communication, which I love.

You mentioned that you invest in cryptocurrency too. Do you have any advice for beginners looking to start investing?
I’d say that if you don’t know much about cryptocurrency and are not up to date on the latest news and developments, Bitcoin would be a pretty safe choice to invest in—it’s still a bear market so I believe that its price will increase in the next two years.

What do you like to do outside of work?
I travel often, especially during my previous job where I worked remotely.

I was a real digital nomad back then, spending up to six months at a time in Europe and South America. I have friends from many different countries from my university days, so it’s nice to visit them whenever I travel.

I also like to talk to people and learn about their backgrounds, cultures, and share their foods.

Is there anything you miss about Taiwan?
Other than the food, I miss the close-knit friendships that I had back home. Since we’re not living in the same country, we don’t have many common topics to chat about anymore. Even our working environments and lifestyles are totally different. That’s something I’ve missed a lot since moving abroad.

What is home to you?
Definitely more of a feeling than a place. When I travel, I tend to treat the place like it’s my home. That means I’m not in a hurry to visit tourist attractions or pressured to dress up just because I’m on a holiday. I try to live like a local and be spontaneous, I’ll even wear my pyjamas out if I want to (laughs).

I’m actually in the process of applying to become a Permanent Resident of Singapore. Hopefully I’ll be able to settle down here for the long run, while still traveling around the world of course!

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