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Pat knows she gets a little cranky when it gets too hot, so her trick to layering up is to keep the layers thin and cool. “I kind of consider it my way of being generous when I don’t wear too much. The more I wear, the more wary people should be of me,” she jokes. Nonetheless, her tailored set looks both comfortable and polished. “I have to wear clothes that do not make me sweat, because it affects my mood,” she says. “How do fashionistas not have sweat glands?!” Pat is the boss of social influence marketing agency GOODSTUPH, and knows all too well the challenges when it comes to being a leader and a boss. Things are changing now, she says, and she says that people have gone from learning how to manage their bosses, to expecting to be managed. “A lot of young people come to me nowadays and say, I want to learn. When I first started out, you had to earn your right to learn, and I think if you gun for that, then you become a better professional,” she says. “Nowadays, we tend to spoonfeed a lot. It’s not that they don’t have common sense, it’s just that they’re so used to being spoonfed. People will say, you never tell me, how I know? Whereas in the past, it would have been: why didn’t I ask?” Her advice, then, is to let people make their own mistakes. “I let my people take the fall at my expense. They have to learn a sense of independence through falling and failing, and because it’s difficult to climb back up on your own, I’ll be there to help bear the brunt of it.” Radical, wise, and a believer in tough love — good stuff indeed. Pat was previously seen here and here.

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