Pedder Red

True to what she’s wearing today, T.Y. describes her usual style as casual, comfortable, and classic with an interesting touch. “I usually go for clean lines, with quirky/structural designs,” she says. “Sometimes, a splash of colour works wonders!” It’s hard to go wrong with this nautical-inspired striped top and structured midi skirt, and we love the layered fabric necklace she has on — “It’s a bit like kueh lapis isn’t it” — and the colour of her bag and accompanying scarf. If T.Y. could do anything she wanted to do, she says she’d love to be able to source for a store to sell awesome clothing for babies, and non-cheesy outfits for toddlers. “The small sizing just makes everything… unimaginably adorable!” She’s a big fan of art and architecture, but also says that she’s starting to appreciate garden designs. “How auntie, right?” T.Y. is currently reading The Tommy Koh Reader: Favourite Essays and Lectures, which she describes as “quite a fascinating compilation of speeches and articles”. Perhaps she’s learnt as much from it as she has from her time at work, and she says that there are some things that she finds important to maintain. “It always pays to be humble and eager to learn at the start,” she says. “You should try to build a good network of peers that you can run to, and most importantly, having humour and trust with your colleagues always helps!”

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