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Mintz looks every bit the chic mummy in this all-black ensemble, cleverly making use of interesting drapes to flatter her figure. I like to wear comfortable clothes with loose cuts,” she says. “This is why didn’t need to do a lot of shopping for maternity clothes after I got pregnant!” Working in advertising, Mintz says that the best part of her job is working closely with her team, and seeing the final creative outcome. “It might upset me if it doesn’t turn out as good as I’d expected, but I’m leaning to manage my expectations nowadays,” she says. “Also, my boss is the type of person who believes in a work life balance, so I’m actually very lucky to work there.” Now that she’s about to become a mother, this balance in life is all the more important; in addition, she has come understand her own mother better. “My mum has always been my role model in life. She is a fashion designer and a sharp, beautiful woman,” Mintz says. “I always fight with her on different opinions, but nowadays, as time goes by, she has proven to be right on a lot of things.”

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