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Can you tell us about what you do?
I’m in the midst of completing my law degree. In the meantime, I’m working for a menswear company that sells designer ties and accessories, which explains what I wear everyday. All this has to come to an end once I officially become a lawyer because it’s too distracting. While it’s a passion, I know that I have to focus on my work, so the company has to be on auto-pilot by December this year.

How did you embark on this project while juggling time between work and school?
My army buddy introduced me to a short part-time stint with his uncle who is a distributor of designer ties in Singapore, and that eventually developed into a full-time job. Lessons in university only take up a couple of hours a day, so I’d spend the other parts of it working on editorials and helping out with sales, and teaching the staff about menswear.

What are some things you can’t live without in your wardrobe?
I can’t live without jackets—not just the dark blue ones, but in other shades as well. I like bracelets too, and it’s unfortunate because when I start work as a lawyer, I can’t wear any of these. So I’m just going to wear them as much as I can now.

A fashion tip:
You need to dress for where you work, and always take cues from those directly above you. If you’re new, take cues from those in their first or second year; if you’re in your second year, take cues from your bosses. There’s no excuse to be wearing an ill-fitting shirt if your colleagues are wearing cufflinks and a tailored shirt. If they are in a casual shirt with chinos on a dress-down Friday, then you should avoid wearing jeans and a polo shirt.

If you could be a superhero, who would you be and why?
A lot of people are doing their part for the people around them, so I’d rather be Captain Planet to help the environment and animals as they tend to be more neglected. 

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