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How would you describe your sense of style?
I’d say the focus is on sustainability—I used to be more flamboyant and couldn’t stand wearing the same thing over and over, but I recently came to realise that you only need a few pieces that make you feel good.

Do you also try to practice a green lifestyle?
I’ve adopted a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle thanks to my husband. I always have a metal straw in my bag, and bring my own containers out when I buy food rather than getting it in takeaway containers. Fashion-wise, I find that making your wardrobe sustainable is more difficult than making small changes to your lifestyle. What I did was clean up my wardrobe and give away things I no longer needed to people, and only kept pieces that I’d get more mileage out of.

How has that changed your lifestyle and outlook?
Quite a bit—my main priority now is on comfort, and I’m less concerned about always needing to look good.

Do you have any tips or advice for people who want to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle?
Being green doesn’t require you to spend a lot, and in fact you can start with simple changes, such as bringing your own bags to the supermarket, visiting eco-fairs to learn more about issues, or using your own food containers rather than using disposable ones made from plastic or styrofoam.

You have a son who’s two and a half years old—what’s the most amusing thing he’s said to you?
He talks a lot and is very expressive—one time, he gave me a box and told me, “Mummy, this is your prize.” I opened it up and there was nothing inside. (laughs)

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