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Tell us where you’re originally from and why you moved to Singapore.
I’m from Seoul, South Korea, and I moved to Singapore to live with my husband, who’s a local here.

Share with us the story of how you met your husband.
I was in Singapore for a holiday and went to a bar, where I bumped into my now-husband. We lived apart for a year, and would take turns to travel abroad to see each other, until I finally decided to move to Singapore.

How did you deal with a long-distance relationship?
Many people say that it’s very challenging, but it was actually fine for me; I enjoyed having my alone time. For me, it didn’t matter that my husband was not physically with me because he gave me the companionship I needed.

What do you feel is the biggest difference living in Singapore as compared to South Korea?
In terms of working, South Korea has a more tense environment and it’s a lot more hierarchy-driven, while Singapore offers fairer opportunities regardless of one’s nationality.

I also feel that this is a great country to develop my career in. Although South Korea will always be my home, I consider my life to be in Singapore, so I have no plans to relocate for now.

What do you do when you feel homesick?
Watch K-Dramas lor (laughs).

I recently watched a Netflix series called Celebrity, which was good.

Where can we find the best Korean food in Singapore?
Go K BBQ at Telok Ayer has the best Korean barbecue in Singapore—it’s authentic! But remember to make a reservation before you go.

What about local food, do you enjoy them too?
Yeah, Singapore has great food! I dine at hawker centres for lunch every day, and I’ll usually order yong tau foo or mee pok.

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