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Something interesting about me:
I can hold my breath for 3 minutes and 30 seconds. I’ve gone free diving, and you need to dive 50 feet with one breath of air. I’d been scuba diving before that and I thought, you know, maybe I can explore the ocean in a different way.

This is usually what I wear to work every day.
I don’t generally dress up. I wear one pair of jeans, I have three t-shirts—this one, a grey one, and a white one—and two pairs of shoes.

My wardrobe is streamlined for several reasons:
I’m colourblind, so moving into certain colour palettes confuses me. And I can’t be bothered that much I guess, I’d rather just throw something on—the topmost thing on my wardrobe, and that’s it.

Favourite place to visit:
Wow, that’s hard to say. But I guess New York, I go twice a year. I used to study there and I still have a lot friends there, so I visit them.

One thing you have to do in New York:
Eat. Japanese food, in general. I think, in Singapore, there’s a lack of mid-priced, good Japanese food. It’s either really cheap or really expensive. In New York, there’s a good middle range that I can’t find here.

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